Music to Massage your Mood.

Tunes by local producer/musician/engineer ADCBICYCLE are perfect for gliding into and out of the different shades of Ottawa.

During our 5 Senses Bike Tour, we like to bring along a little music, and since people often want to know about local artists, we try to serenade our guests with some of our favourite tracks of different genres. So it is with great delight that we announce our that our first musician-laureate happens to have a name that is a natural fit! ADCBICYCLE is a one man entity whose instrumental grooves, catchy loops, and atmospheric synth-sounds will lovingly colour your mood, and entice you to join in on sometimes-perilous, sometimes-jubilant journeys. His five full-length albums and a host of singles/EPs include tunes that imitate what we are trying to do at Steel Pigeon uncannily well. Firstly, their exploratory and experimental nature echos our admiration for travelling lesser-worn paths. Tracks like "Celebrate that I'm Beautiful" with its handclaps, and fuzzy-vocoder, give you the sensation of a gleeful pedal through a park while chatting with the rider in front of you. Meditative tracks such as "Longing Wishing Releasing" feel like a pattern of warm shadows from passing trees or a pulsing sunset through buildings at twilight. In fact, the entirety of his most recent album, a key-signature-coherent collection entitled "Five Four For Film," have (besides their soundtrack-perfect appeal) an exploratory and experimental nature that echos our admiration for travelling lesser-worn paths. And how about the multi-dimensional works such as the early track "Poor Economic Policies"? What could be more Ottawa in its playful political commentary? With its indigenous throat singing, horns in a major key, pots, pans, tambourine, and walking bass, it feels like both criticism and celebration at once.

One of ADCBicycle's creations: A thumb piano, made from bicycle spokes, installed a phantom powered piezo mic inside

Of additional intrigue is the fact that ADCBICYCLE is not only a prolific music maker, but also a creative and artistic tinkerer and restorer of vintage gear, especially keyboards and synths. So while you are listening to his music, check out some of his projects including refurbished Rhodes and Moogs, a pickup-winder and some lovely condenser LDC microphones at And let us know what your favourite recording is. Maybe we'll add it to our next tour!

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