Ottawa's Upcycled Jewelry for Bike Lovers

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

Artist Tricia Enns makes exquisite, (and some delightfully pigeon-esque) pieces, including earrings made from bicycle inner-tubes

There's something about jewelry crafted by a truly inspired and committed artist that is downright grin-inducing. This was my thought as I surveyed some of the fine displays at Ottawa's most recent 613flea and came upon that of artist, performer, and designer Tricia Enns. Among other things, Tricia's work includes clever and clean silver rings, geometric and otherworldly illustrations of animals, and a vibrant, thought-provoking zine/comic called MissAdventure. But perhaps her most striking pieces (especially for a cyclephile like myself) are the earrings and bracelets she makes by re-purposing and beautifying bicycle inner-tubes.

The passion and playfulness in these designs makes sense given Tricia's involvement in local bike culture, including working as an assistant (even a mechanic!) for local organizations and events, and hosting her own Steel Pigeon tours. In fact, I first ran into Tricia on a frosty November morning some years ago when we were both taking part in Ottawa Velo Vogue's "Plaid Parade" bike ride. I have since become aware that Tricia is also an injector-of-pizzazz around Ottawa in a number of other ways, including co-founder of Morning Jam Dances, improv participant, and performer/educator bee-reverie and protection.

But getting back to the jewelry, the most striking (and pigeon reminiscent!) pieces are certainly Tricia's carefully crafted, tastefully accented, and delectably-dangly, feather-shaped earrings. Not only do the unique contours and fun feel of these earrings make them something that anybody (bike-lover or not) would die to show off, they come in a host of sizes and colours. Steel Pigeon bike tours is proud to stock them at their launch point, and have you try them on when you come on your next tour! However if you think you might want to get yourself a couple of pairs right now, you can do so by going to TubedJewelry, or visiting Tricia's website at

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