Frequently Asked Questions

What is provided?

This depends on the type of tour you are taking.  5 senses tour includes bike, helmet, bottled water, cocktail en-route and some snacks. Sometimes we stop for lunch, or grab a famed Direnzo sandwich to eat back at Hickory Street.  For the BYOB&B tour, you are expected to bring your own bike and beverage, and are provided with a picnic cocktail en-route. Mini-led lights are available, and bikes/helmets can be rented for a fee of $15.

What should I bring?

Anything you want that is not mentioned above. $10 in cash is a good idea if you want a sandwich lunch (since not all places take plastic...I know!). Bring a change of clothes if you think you will want to change out of sweaty or wet clothes. 


How long are the tours?

Time is on average 3 hours long including stops, and cumulative distance is on average 12 km.

What if it rains?

You and your guide will either wait until it stops, start with a wonderful walking tour of Little Italy, have a drink and bite indoors, or some combination of the three.  If your travel plans allow us to postpone the ride until later in the day or the next day, we can try that.

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