A little heavy breathing is good for everyone, including those who ride their bicycles in urban centres. Ottawa tends have have very good quality air due to the low levels of industry, and high density of surrounding greenspace, but during construction season or allergy season, it is nice to have something to help filter out particles and other irritants. Our favourite face masks to wear while riding are created by DASH, due to their fitted design, wonderful patterns, and high quality materials used. Oh, and their locally produced.


Given the fact that they come in different sizes for a price-tag between $20-30, are washable AND REVERSIBLE, there is not question that they are an excellent gift for your favourite street rider. Materials used are two-layers of cotton, and felt or SMS (three layer medical material). By the way, if you are looking to use them to try and stave of coronavirus covid-19 with an N95 mask, there is no guarantee that they will trap all viral particles, but these masks are a step in the right direction toward proper respiratory hygiene and protecting those around you. Visit the store at https://www.dashmask.ca/designs